Civil society platform KulturhauptSTART

Klaus-Michael Urban, Lena Weiderbauer, Christian Herzog, Roland Schwab, Mine Bayazit
Just about two years ago a mere handful of people started up an initiative called “KulturhauptSTART St. Pölten”, announcing the “St.Pölten as European Capital of Culture 2024” concept. Since the project has received welcome reinforcement in the form of St. Pölten 2024 office, they got partners on several fields of action. 

The history of how the platform came about can be told quite briefly: from the launch event by the Technical University of Vienna at the Glanzstoff company premises in 2015, the exhibition a year later at the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences through to the first public discussion with supporters shortly afterwards at the Alpenbahnhof tavern … At any given point, the aim was to not just debate this issue on big stages or in meeting rooms but to take it to the people of St. Pölten.

In order for this project to achieve lasting success, each and every one of us should feel like a host and organiser. This venture requires great courage, and facilitating it is their main concern as a platform. KulturhauptSTART aims to highlight diverse creative projects which have been nurtured and cherished by committed residents for many years, connecting them and adding to them a European dimension. Right now, this includes regular monthly meetings at different locations in the region and other joint projects, but they are also planning to make excursions to other Capitals of Culture. Let’s learn from challenges that others have already successfully met; let’s act as initiators and advisers in areas in which we can offer experience and solutions.

Their aim is to contribute to the wonderful, though challenging “project Europe” by adding another unique piece to its cultural puzzle – that of St. Pölten and the surrounding region.


René Ziegler, Mario Weisböck, Rudolf Scheuvens, Ekaterina Winter, Stefan Goller, Daniela Allmeier, Denis Wizke

Participation only creates multiple benefits if it is implemented professionally. For this reason, we commissioned experts – the urban planning office Raumposition – for our public formats who supported us in conception and implementation.

Visionary Advisors

Visionary advisors
Ernst Fuchs, Andreas Fränzl, Helene Steiner, Esra Küçük

Assisting the bid committee on key issues is a team of visionary thinkers who, as key trendsetters and planners, contribute their knowledge and ideas for the future to the process in a structured way.

This team of visionaries includes architect Ernst J. Fuchs (the next ENTERprise); he is responsible for the areas of architecture and urban development.

Musician, artist, graphic designer and DJ Andreas Fränzl is taking on the area of “the independent scene and local residents’ projects”.

Helene Steiner, expert in future research, artificial intelligence, digitalisation, biotechnology and design is in charge of the area of “future and artificial intelligence”.

Qualified social scientist Esra Küçük, member of the executive board of the Maxim Gorki Theatre in Berlin and director of the Gorki Forum, will, from April onwards, be dealing with issues of social change, diversity and social and cultural mediation.

The team of visionary advisors works as much collectively as it does bilaterally in dialogue with the bidding office, and is intended to be an “open lab”. The inclusion of other exciting and visionary figures is in the pipeline.

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