Take-P-ART! Guideline for participative cultural projects

Siglinde Lang


The "Take P-ART! Leitfaden" is produced in collaboration and coordination with the representatives of the 2024 European Capital of Culture, NÖKU Kulturvermittlung, as well as numerous representatives of the independent regional art/cultural scene (and in some cases also the education/social sector).

This awakens the desire for participative project ideas, offers profound know-how and above all professional step-by-step support in the conception, development and realisation of participative project ideas - embedded in (regional) reference examples and the experience knowledge of the (supra)regional scene. The 30-page brochure is airy and light in language and design, awakens joy in participative formats in cooperative settings - and supports submitters of (smaller) projects and art/culture mediators in the professionalisation of their project ideas and their realisation.

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