KulturFORUM #2 on the “St. Pölten 2030” cultural strategy

KulturFORUM#2 © C. Fürthner
KulturFORUM#2 at Voith Hall

KulturFORUM#2 © C. Fürthner
Johanna Mikl-Leitner, Governor of the Province of Lower Austria

KulturFORUM#2 © C. Fürthner
Many participats joined the KulturFORUM#2 in discussing and developing the conditions, perspectives and guidelines of the 2030 culture strategy in a workshop atmosphere.

KulturFORUM#2 © C. Fürthner
The citizens started with a working session along the six fields of action at six topic tables.

KulturFORUM#2 © C. Fürthner
Panel discussion with Martin Grüneis (Department of Arts and Culture of the Province of Lower Austria), Daniela Allmeier (Raumposition), Albrecht Grossberger (NÖKU and St. Pölten 2024 office), Jakob Redl (St. Pölten 2024 office), Lena Weiderbauer (KulturhauptSTART), Andreas Fränzl (musician, artist cultural worker)

KulturFORUM#2 © C. Fürthner

KulturFORUM#2 © C. Fürthner


11 June 2018


Wednesday, 6 June 2018
6 pm
Voith Hall
Linzer Straße 55
3100 St. Pölten




civil society platform KulturhauptSTART

Raumposition (participatory process supervision)

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