• We’re writing the year 2024 – a vision

    The feuilletons of quality European newspapers are reporting on a comparatively small, unknown, but surprisingly innovative city outside of Vienna. The focus of interest is not on new construction projects or major events, but on courageous and innovative approaches to established structures as a way of actively reshaping the city’s future for coming generations, working together with local actors and inspired by European ideas.

  • The potential of a city on the rise

    How one experiences a city and which weaknesses, strengths and potentials one ascribes to it changes depending on how and at what time one uses the city, which places had (and have) an impact on one’s personal life, which profession one pursues, how one moves about in the city, and whether one perceives it “from the outside”, i.e. as a non-resident, or “from the inside”, as a city dweller.

  • St. Pölten: Capital of Culture between Europe and the region

    St. Pölten is bidding to become European Capital of Culture 2024. Everyone in St. Pölten is ready to go and welcome Europe with open arms. How can the city, the surrounding region, and even all of Lower Austria benefit from the bid?

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  • Participate, co-create, have a say! Who owns the city?

    St. Pölten decided to strike a new path many years ago and transform from a regional centre dominated by industry to the hub of a central region, possibly even the heart of an entire state, with a colourful mixture of education, art and business institutions. In the process, it has left behind old habits, structures and perceptions.

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  • St. Pölten as role model of a mid-sized town worth living in

    The public generally perceives only large metropolises as role models for how cities in Europe might develop. And yet it is not they who shape the vast majority of cities in Europe, but the small and mid-sized towns and regions whose future development, quality of life, dynamism and attractiveness make the greatest impact on European city life.

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  • Talking to ... the team of visionaries

    A team of visionary thinkers supports the application office on key topics. As initiators and planners, they bring their knowledge and visions of the future into the process in a structured way.

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